Task Statement: Lehigh is a community committed to cultural diversity as an essential part of the learning environment. Lehigh will be a place where everyone feels valued. The Lehigh experience will be engaging and personal. For newcomers, the onboarding, orientation and mentoring programs will be welcoming and informative. 

LeadDonald Outing

Project Manager: Christine Lake

Important Organizational Infrastructure: Council for Equity and Community 

Years 1-3 Anticipated Actions:

  • We will review policies for equity and inclusiveness.
  • Provide resources for physical and mental wellness.
  • Continue to activate Lehigh’s 2021-2026 Diversity, Inclusion & Equity plan in the following ways:
    • Enhance Our Culture
    • Improve Institutional Infrastructure
    • Diversify Faculty & Staff
    • Expand Student Access & Support

ResourcesDiversity, Inclusion & Equity Plan 2021-2026The Council for Equity and Community 

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