Task Statement: Lehigh will apply learning science and User Design for Inquiry (Lehigh UDI) to innovate the classroom experience, optimize learning and personalize education for each student. We will develop an incubator (U Combinator) where faculty and staff can focus on creation of the most innovative new programs and approaches, in an environment where they are supported and inspired. We will fit-out the classrooms to respond to the needs of the pedagogy.

Initiative LeadBill Gaudelli

Project Manager: Pat Mann

Initiative Team(s) / Advisory Group(s): Subject matter experts and faculty electing to participate in the Lehigh UDI or UCombinator programs.

Important Organizational Infrastructure: Educational Policy Committee for undergraduate programs; Graduate and Research Committee for graduate programs as appropriate.

Years 1-3 Anticipated Actions:

  • User Design for Inquiry Integration to make the curriculum accessible to all learners, universally.
  • Redesign Courses in a Competency-Based Framework and map to individual courses and program outcomes towards Lehigh becoming a MLN (Massive Learning Network) & related assessment overhaul.
  • Learning and support for faculty members to achieve all of the above, delivered through async and COP engagements.
  • Socialize Lehigh UDI across all of Lehigh.
  • Develop and implement a LEEDS-like internal brand mechanism for Lehigh UDI.
  • Pilot Implementation [partially completed, AY22-23].
  • Current Curriculum Analysis across all units, including course outlines, learning materials, assessments in combination with AY24-25 LU accreditation.
  • Develop a U Combinator: a think-tank of faculty/staff to dream and create.

ResourcesLehigh UDI website Lehigh UDI Video

See Actions Underway related to this initiative.