Task Statement: Lehigh will inspire future makers through informed decision making. Together we will chart a course toward excellence, propelled by the power of informed decision-making. Through transparency and open communication, we will foster a collaborative environment where data is shared openly, enabling us to collectively elevate our work. We will establish a continuous feedback loop, ensuring that accountability remains at the heart of our endeavors.

LeadYenny Anderson

Project Manager: Pat Mann

Important Organizational Infrastructure: Data Governance Executive Committee; Data Governance and Standards Committee; and Advisory Council for Information Services. 

Years 1-3 Anticipated Actions:

  • Evaluate the university’s current utilization of qualitative insights and quantitative metrics to inform strategic, operational, and administrative decisions.
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing methodologies, tools, and frameworks employed.
  • Identify challenges and opportunities related to data collection, validation, analysis, and interpretation within the university's decision-making context.
  • Develop actionable recommendations for optimizing the utilization of qualitative and quantitative data in decision making.
  • Propose strategies for fostering collaboration between departments, promoting data-informed decision culture, and refining communication methods to ensure transparent and well-informed choices across academic, administrative, and functional units.

ResourcesStrategic Plan DashboardOID Data Center

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