Lehigh’s Strategic Plan, Inspiring the Future Makers, outlines three goals that articulate a vision for how we innovate, make change happen, and do that work together—because together, we do better work. When we bring diverse people and perspectives together, we also discover new opportunities to innovate. 

Each goal is integral to inspiring the world’s future makers—the people whose work and insight will shape the future of our community, our economy and our planet. 

When we “Make it New,” we lead with curiosity, embrace intellectual risk taking, develop innovative pedagogy and conduct groundbreaking research. 

When we “Make a Difference,” we apply new knowledge to existing problems, break down traditional disciplinary barriers, engage in authentic learning, and expose the world to new ways of thinking. 

When we “Make it Together,” we collaborate and connect with our communities and partners, approach the world with humility and a desire to serve, and care for and value each other.