Task Statement: Lehigh will establish more opportunities for students to engage in interdisciplinary learning with the goal of helping them to think beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries as they contemplate their place in addressing the world’s problems. We will expand the Inter-college (IC) programs and strengthen Interdisciplinary Programs (IDPs). We will transform the PhD program to create career pathways beyond the academy.

LeadTerry-Ann Jones

Project Manager: Pat Mann

Initiative Team(s) / Advisory Group(s): Exploratory First Semester Working Group led by Terry-Ann Jones, Deputy Provost for Undergraduate Education; Kelly Austin, CAS, Undergraduate Associate Dean; Derick Brown, RCEAS, Undergraduate Associate Dean; Michael Dills-Allen, University Registrar; Emily Ford, Director, Coordinated Advising; Michael Gusmano, COH, Undergraduate Associate Dean; Donna Mohr, Director of Retention; Naomi Rothman, COB, Undergraduate Associate Dean.

Doctoral Education Working Group led by Sabrina Jedlicka, Deputy Provost for Graduate Education; Bridget Dever (School Psych, COE); Sam Dewalt (Lehigh@Nasdaq);  Jebrell Glover (Chemistry, CAS); Kathleen Hutnik (GLO); Jenna Lay (English, CAS);  Michael Lehman (Tech. Entrp, Rossin); Ahmed Rahman (Economics, COB);  Muhannad Suleiman (Civ & Env Engr, Rossin); David Zappulla (Biology, CAS).

Important Organizational Infrastructure: Educational Policy Committee for undergraduate programs; and Graduate and Research Committee for graduate programs.

Years 1-3 Anticipated Actions:

  • Develop a definition of interdisciplinary education that is distinct from cross-disciplinary, multidisciplinary, or transdisciplinary education.
  • Improve existing IC program structure to facilitate new programs.
  • Finalize new IC programs that are underway and develop new programs.
  • Meet with faculty and staff to form ideas for new interdisciplinary programs.
  • Develop curriculum for exploratory first year.
  • Introduce new IC programs.
  • Develop new IDPs.
  • Recruit students for exploratory first year.
  • Develop exploratory first semester program.
  • Begin assessment of IC programs.

Resources: Interdisciplinary Team Teaching Grants

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