Task Statement: Lehigh will establish a robust and dynamic lifelong learning ecosystem, providing meaningful and relevant educational opportunities that empower individuals to excel in their professions and enrich their lives. Online opportunities will triple the graduate enrollment in masters and certificate programs. 

Initiative LeadSabrina Jedlicka

Project Manager: Pat Mann

Initiative Team(s) / Advisory Group(s): TBD

Important Organizational Infrastructure: Graduate and Research Committee

Years 1-3 Anticipated Actions:

  • Conduct a market and needs analysis of the current market demand for lifelong learning opportunities, including the needs of Lehigh alumni and potential learners seeking professional development. Identify, through internal RFP, 3-5 signature programs to reach hundreds of enrolled students. 
  • Collaborate with academic departments, industry and alumni to design a range of graduate and professional programs that address identified market needs. Extend and deepen our partnership with 2U to support program development.
  • Explore various credentialing options such as micro-credentials, certificates, and stackable credentials that allow learners to demonstrate their expertise and advance in their careers incrementally.
  • Develop strategies to engage Lehigh alumni in lifelong learning initiatives. Establish a platform for alumni to access exclusive offerings, networking opportunities, and resources to support their ongoing growth.

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